Joshua Generation School

The Staff of Joshua Genaration School  are all Christians males and females. Teachers who are passionate about children and education. We are all doing efforts day and night for miserable condition of Christian’s community in Pakistan to complete our vision. Teachers encourage high levels of parental involvement in the school as they have an important role to play in the education of their children.

Love of Jesus Power Ministries  has gathered extensive.We going door to door and motivate the people for education.

Pakistan’s population consists of around 35 percent of children under the age of 18. According to law, it is unethical to make children under 14 years of age work but, in our country, around 2o percent of children seem to be working on streets doing difficult tasks requiring hard labour ranging from mending tyres, working with coal and collecting garbage.

Children are the assets of our country and venerable; they are not supposed to work. I request the concerned authorities to please help these poor and needy children and encourage them to study and save their future.


Poverty in Pakistan and its causes are defined here for the sake of students.poverty is one of the biggest curses in Pakistan which has affected the economic growth of country.people are unable to fulfill their basic needs due to the low earning and high expenditure, and at the same time poverty is getting more and more popular in the country .In Pakistan more then 40% of total population in Pakistan is below the poverty line and through the research and studies in the entire world the poverty line is being drawn which states that the people who have their earning below 1$ a day is subjected to be underneath the poverty line

Stand with us for Education in Pakistan In Prayer and Action.
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If we wish to give better future for our own children
why do not for others ?

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